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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you shoot me for free?

The short answer is 'probably not'. I keep up with what others in my field and geographic location are charging, and I price my shoots accordingly. I also frequently run specials and offer discounts every chance I get, including discounts to anyone for referring new clients my way. There are occasions when I will trade my services, but these are special and usually involve publication, a particular model or concept, or something similar. Feel free to contact me about a proposal for a shoot but unfortunately, the amount of trade/free shoots I am able to do is very limited. 

How much do you charge per shoot?

Every shoot is different depending on your needs and wants. I don't usually have a "flat rate" to quote until after we've discussed what you want from your shoot. My rate is inclusive of the following: shoot time, pose coaching, post-production/editing, and me hosting the files on my server for you to access for 30 days after the editing is complete. Additional costs that may factor into my rates would include a makeup artist/hair stylist (I have several amazing collaborators that I love to work with, but you are welcome to hire your own if you prefer!), wardrobe completion/styling, location rentals, potential travel costs, etc. All of these are negotiable and I can work with any budget to tailor the shoot for each client.

I'm not a model, I'm really nervous. Can I do this? 

Most of the people I shoot aren't models. I encourage people of all body types, gender orientations, ages, and backgrounds to try getting in front of the lens and doing a series to see how it makes them feel. My goal as an artist is to encourage and embrace and celebrate what makes you YOU--- I want you to be portrayed the way you feel, not the way someone else thinks you should feel. I keep an open line of communication and we will do whatever makes you comfortable during a shoot; we will play music or dance around or joke or keep it very quiet and serene and calm, whatever you like. I strive to make every experience a great one, and I'd love to work with you to make you feel amazing on-camera. 

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